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  • Do you have installation detail photos? Yes, see installation information.
  • Does AMICO offer painted lath? No, lath is offer in galvanized only. Accessories are offered in galvanized, zinc, and vinyl.

  • What kind of paper is used as a lath backing? AMICO uses asphalt-impregnated craft paper (Grade D). Grades B & F as well as craft paper are offered on the west coast.

  • Are Material Data Safety Sheets available? Yes.

  • How is lath hung? What is the spacing on studs? It depends on the type of construction, such over concrete block, over open framing, or over sheathing. Refer to ASTM C 1063 Standard Specification for Installation of Lathing and Furring to Receive Interior and Exterior Portland Cement-based Plaster.

  • How many pieces are in a bundle, pallet, or carton? See AMICO's catalog.

  • Does AMICO offer electro-galvanized (EG) lath? No, EG is a splash coat. Our lath is produced from hot dipped galvanizing coil only.

  • What grounds do casing beads and expansion joints come in? Metal casing beads come in 3/8" - 1 1/2". JJ expansion joints come in ½" - 7/8 ". VV expansion joints come in 3/8" - 7/8".

  • When should vinyl accessories be used? AMICO recommends vinyl or zinc accessories for all exterior applications.

  • What are other names for casing beads? Mill Core or Plaster Stop.

  • What are other names for Riblath? 3.4 3/8" riblath is also known as 3.4 hi-rib.

  • What is Tilath? Tilath is AMICO's name for grade D paperback lath?

  • Where can I find the specifications for Metal Lath? Link to specifications

  • Installation Instructions?
    - Exterior: Specification C1063-99 Standard Specification for Installation of Lathing and Furring to Receive Interior and Exterior Portland Cement-Based Plaster
    - Interior: C841-99 Standard Specification for Installation of Interior Lathing and Furring

Vinyl Bead

  • What are your vinyl beads made from? The vinyl products manufactured and supplied by AMICO are produced using 100% post-industrial recycled material, providing maximum LEED Credit for MR 4.1 & 4.2.  These re-ground vinyl compounds  meet ASTM D-4216 for exterior components and ASTM D-1784 for interior components.  AMICO Vinyl Accessories are long-lasting and durable, both during installation and for the service life of the structure.  Products shown for EIFS/DEFS applications are produced form exterior grade compounds, per ASTM D-4216.  

  • Are AMICO beads paintable? Yes, our vinyl bead products will hold acrylic, latex, and oil base paints. Some colors may take two coats or a primer and finish coat to cover.

  • Are your bead products resistant to the effects of Ultraviolet rays? Yes they are made with compounds rich in Titanium Dioxide that gives them the white color and makes them highly resistant to the harmful effects of UV, including discoloration, and cracking.

  • How long has AMICO been in the vinyl bead business? We started production in 1990.

  • Will the color wear off of the vinyl beads? No, the color is the same throughout the bead. It will not peel, chip or rust.

  • Will AMICO beads radius? Some products are designed to arch and they will radius quite well. However, most vinyl bead products will take a slight radius. We recommend that you take a sample of the product and test it to see if it will provide enough radius for your project.

  • Can vinyl bead products be shipped with other AMICO products such as metal lath? Yes, even one carton of vinyl beads can be top loaded along with your regular distributor stock order.

  • How are AMICO vinyl and metal accessories sold? They are sold through a network of stocking distributors throughout the United States and Canada. AMICO also exports all of its products around the world.

  • How can I receive additional technical help with these products? You can contact AMICO’s main office in Birmingham, Alabama at 1-800-366-2642 and ask to speak to someone in the Technical Services Department.






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