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Same general description as control joint but used for veneer finish drywall installations. Mainly used from floor to ceiling in long partitions runs and from header to ceiling above doorframes. Available in zinc alloy only, and is packaged in 10 ft. lengths, 25 pcs., 250 feet per carton.

Zinc Weight per 1000 Lin. Feet
N 093
108 Lbs.





Hanger wire is used to support suspended cold rolled channel gridwork for stucco, acoustical, or drywall ceilings. Available in #8, #9 and #12 gage galvanized soft annealed steel wire in 12 foot straightened and cut lengths in 50 pound hanks. Tie wire is available in 16 and 18 gage galvanized soft annealed steel in 28-inch cut lengths packed in 25-pound hanks.





AMICO Secura Lath (ASL) (Patent # 5,697,195)
Fabricated from steel that is expanded to form a diamond pattern much like that of diamond mesh lath. Secura Lath is formed from 16 gage carbon steel which, when plastered with portland cement or high strength gypsum plaster, provides a superior barrier to penetration. AMICO Secura Lath sheets are 27” x 97” and have one sided vinyl coated perforated kraft paper attached, to aid in curing. This paper also offers resistance and therefore affords better keying and economy of plaster. Secura Lath is furnished pregalvanized or hot dip galvanized. Secura Lath is made from one sheet of steel, and will not unravel when cut requiring many single cuts and much time to cut a hole large enough for entry or escape. Secura Lath is used in correctional as well as commercial applications.Additional Secura Lath and installation information is available from the the AMICO Security Products Department by calling 1-800-366-2642.




AMICO Security Mesh (ASM) and AMICO Secura Clips (Patent No. 6,178,700)
Security Mesh™ is a rigid steel mesh panel used as a penetration resistant shield behind drywall finishes. Security Mesh is produced by simultaneously slitting and stretching a solid sheet of HSLA steel making one continuous panel that cannot unravel at the strands. Available in carbon or stainless steel with gauges and mesh openings to meet the specified level of security. Recommended installation method requires Security Mesh to be attached to metal or wood framing with AMICO Secura Clips; for a stronger more secure installation. Additional Security Products information is available from the the AMICO Security Products Department by calling 1-800-366-2642.

Secura Clips may also be used as washers to install metal lath for additional strength.




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