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Tilath Starter Strips

Tilath™ Starter Strips are compatible Grade D asphalt paper strips to be used over the foundation weep screed when installing offset, paper backed lath. Starter Strips are printed with incremental 1” marks and larger marks at 12” and 16” to assist the installer in fastening to the wall framing.

Because of the Weather Resistant Barrier (WRB) properties, they can also provide protection around doors and windows, behind stucco accessories, and anywhere WRB strips are needed.

Roll Size
Carton Weight
6” x 225’
30 lbs.

Just look at all the advantages of using AMICO Tilath™ Starter Strips instead of 15 lb. Roofing Felt:

Tilath™ Starter Strip
15 lb. Roofing Felt
Made of Grade D Asphalt Paper
Meets IBC Spec, Chapter 25 (2510.6)
Pre-cut into 6" wide strips to save time and provide smoother, cleaner application
100% Compatible with Tilath™ and other Grade D papers
Cost per foot*
*15 lb. Roofing Felt: $22/roll - 36" x 144' (432 sq. ft.), cut into six 6" strips (864 linear ft.) / AMICO Starter Strip: $5.70/roll - 6" x 225'


Installation of Tilath™ Starter Strips

Starting at the base of the wall, attach the Foundation Weep Screed to the wall framing, over the sheathing and the first layer of WRB, following the procedure outlined in ASTM C-1063-08, Section 7.11.5 – Foundation Weep Screed.

Next, unroll the Tilath™ Starter Strip OVER THE WEEP SCREED VERTICAL FLANGE and fasten it to the wall with staples or small, flat-head nails at approximately 10"-18" on center.

Run the Tilath™ Starter Strip in a continuous layer over the weep screed and around the corner, terminating at 6"-8" around the corner.

Begin rolling the next Tilath™ Starter Strip OVER the end of the
terminated strip, covering the weep screed vertical flange across the next wall in a similar fashion.


If installing offset Tilath™ Paper Backed Metal Lath:

Follow the instructions above for installing the Tilath™ Starter Strip over the weep screed. Then, starting at the bottom of the wall, attach the first sheet of Tilath™ Paper Backed Metal Lath with the lath overhang pointing down (see first illustration at right) and the Starter Strip under the lath overhang. Then attach the subsequent sheets in a similar fashion, creating a ship-lap, or shingling effect, on the wall (see illustration at far right).


If installing Grade D paper or WRB and AMICO lath separately:

Follow the instructions above for installing the Tilath™ Starter Strip over the weep screed. Then roll out the WRB at the bottom of the wall and overlap the Tilath™ Starter Strip a minimum of 2" in a shingle fashion up the wall. Follow all flashing and counter flashing recommendations of window and door manufacturers.


If using Tilath™ Starter Strips around doors, windows, or other wall openings:

Follow instructions found in ASTM E2112-07 Standard Practice for Installation of Exterior Windows, Doors and Skylights. Best Practices and details can also be found at American Architectural Metal Manufacturer’s Association, document AAMA 2400-02.



Begin the wall with the WRB, followed by the Foundation Weep Screed.

Cover wall for good protection
Back-side, demonstrating the layering of WRB/Starter Strip


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